Bee's Boutique

My name is Forest Maracle and I am a Mohawk woman from Tyendinaga, Ontario. I recently moved to British Columbia two years ago. I work full time, have a daughter and a spouse who also works full-time. I do Bee’s Boutique as a fun side business because I enjoy seeing the products and being able to share them with others when they are interested!

I remember seeing my auntie in such beautiful shawls, scarfs and jewelry, as well as, giving out these items as gifts. I was so interested in the beauty these items hold that I had to look into where

Cat and Moose Eco Cloth.jpeg

they came from. Soon enough I learned that all the items are designed by Indigenous people within Canada. I loved the fact, whether it is eco cloths, mugs, blankets or fashion that each item was designed by local (usually BC) artists. I wanted to share the knowledge and joy these items bring me to everyone else who sees the beauty I do. 

Soon after I discovered Sequoia products. These candles, lotions, soaps, bath bombs and more are again all designed by Indigenous people and made within a company that is completely Indigenous people, providing different fun jobs within a community in Ontario. These items are made with pray and love from mother earth for our bodies. 

Bee’s Boutique is named after my daughter who we often call “B”. B loves the bath bombs from sequoia and the boards books from Native Northwest. We look forward to working with you and helping you find the perfect gift or to spoil yourself! 

Bee’s Boutique


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