The CBD Wellness Connection

We work with Organa Wellness Center, a locally owned and operated business that provides access to legal full-spectrum, hemp derived CBD products. All of our products are handmade with care and batch tested to ensure the highest quality is maintained.

Although there is a tremendous amount of scientific evidence supporting the medical benefits of CBD (cannabidiol) it is important that each individual recognize that the information on this page has not specifically been evaluated by a physician.


Like with pharmaceuticals, what works for one person may differ from what works for another, both product and dose. 


If you have questions about the products, feel free to ask us or contact the staff at the Organa Wellness store.

It is also advised that you consult with your physician in regards to any potential contraindications or medication interactions.

The CBD Wellness Connection

Hemp-derived CBD products



Contactless pickup or delivery available.

Located on Hatzic Bench

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