Creative Malas

Anita is the designer and maker behind Creative Males. Creative Malas began in 2018 as a self care focused activity that complimented Anita's commitment to yoga and her growing interest in meditation and midfulness practices. It also acknowledged her spiritual side and her desire to find balance and a sense of fulfillment through doing some creative... hence the name.

Anita quickly grew very interested in not only the traditions behind mala making and the fact that they had been used across many cultures for religious and spiritual purposed for 1000's of years, but also the beliefs associated with the materials that are used to make them including semi precious stones, wood beads and rudraksha seeds.

Many people connect very strongly with the different stones and believe in their ability to impact the wearers mood, actions and health. Anita started making mala bracelets and necklaces for herself and it wasn't long before she was making them for others.

Anita is very influenced by colour and symmetry in her designs, regardless of the materials she chooses.  Often she feels particularly drawn to a particular stone and will work with it making a variety of pieces until another peaks her interest. 


Anita enjoys working with clients on custom pieces that have special meaning for them. Anita prefers to work on unique one-of-a-kind pieces, so you will rarely find a second piece.  Every piece in some way reflects her attitude and style, as well as her commitment to creating something beautiful and meaningful.

Creative Malas



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