Dogs of Heritage Park

After five years of taking photos of dogs at Heritage park, I have created a fun filled 342 page, full colour, coffee table book with over 1600 photos of more than 600 dogs! This book includes local rescue stories, poems, quotes and fun facts! It ranges from the seriousness of losing a pet, to the humour of owning one. This book was created from my heart and every photo is memorable to me, not just as a work of art, but the connection I felt with the soul of each dog. I spent much time rolling on the ground, trying capture their personality through their eyes. It is my hope, this book will bring a deeper sense of 

aa (7).JPG

connection and appreciation for all living beings. I have spent countless hours, taking photos, editing ALOT of boogers, planning the layout of the book etc, and re-doing, re-doing and re-doing. This book is below cost at $80.00. A labour of love for sure! I am taking orders until mid October so they will be printed for Christmas 2020.


If you would like to order, have questions or have a private viewing of the book, you may contact me at: julieenghphotography@gmail.com


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