Joan's Kitchen Cornocopia

My name is Joan and in September 2008, I suffered a stroke, and my right side was affected. I spent six weeks in a rehabilitation center.  It was here that I started crocheting to regain mobility in my right arm and hand and eye co ordination. When I got home, I continued crocheting , making many scarves. After giving many of them away, my sister who at the time was a school teacher, took my scarves to her school where her co workers bought them. This went on for a coupls of years, until my sister retired.


At this point I regained most of my mobility. My partner and I started gardening again, mainly vegetables. I would make pickles and relishes for ourselves and family. 


A friend gave me a sewing machine, so I switched from crocheting to sewing projects. Most of my projects are made for the kitchen , such as microwave soup bowl cozies, potato bags and popcorn bags as well as other items..This year , I have sewed coasters for wine glasses and mugs. These are great for the RV or even at home when having a party and you don't want your wood furniture ruined from a wet spot. 

During this pandemic, I have been sewing 100% cotton masks.

One day , I was reading the Mission Record and spied an ad for vendors  wanted. 2013 was my official year in vending at Craft Fairs. I have never looked back and am always looking to the future. My business name was Tender Loving Stitches, stocking stuffers and more. At one of the markets, I had a surplus of pickled beets. So I thought I would try and sell them at the market. Well, I was gob smacked, they sold out. The following year, we expanded the garden and at harvest time, I started making extra chutneys, pickles , relishes and salsas. 


I would say these are my best sellers. So this year 2020 , I changed my business name to ; Joan's Kitchen Cornucopia

Everything I make is made in the heart of the kitchen, whether it is a pot of relish on the stove or a sewing project on the kitchen table.


I have a variety of preserves - peach chutney, pickled beets, bread and butter pickles, candied carrot relish, cucumber relish, green tomato relish, red tomato relish, tomatillo salsa.

125 ml----$5.00

250 ml----$9.00

500 ml----$13.00

1 ltre------$17.00

Coasters $2.00

Microwavable Popcorn bags $10.00

Small Microwavable Potato bags $12.00

Large Microwavable Potato bags $15.00

Joan's Kitchen Cornucopia



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