Lakeside Studio Hatzic BC

Mission has been my home for over 30 years, with family history in the community dating back 7 decades.  My husband George and I raised our two sons on Silvermere Lake and after retirement and downsizing we now live on Hatzic Lake. 

Retirement has allowed me the time to focus on a lifelong passion for art.  Over the years I have dabbled in different mediums and learned how they work by attending community courses and studying talented artists. Charcoal and watercolour were my favourite choices until I was introduced to acrylic paints in 2018.


With acrylics I can create vibrant colours and enjoy how forgiving and versatile the paint is.  

After discovering how much I enjoyed acrylic paints I began working with world renowned


acrylic artist, Ginger Cook, of the Academy of Fine Art and Acrylic Painting.  You never stop learning and this is definitely the case as an artist.  Through trying many painting styles I have determined that I prefer realism, especially a subject with a lot of detail and textures.

The other area that excites me is teaching others acrylic painting techniques.  Throughout my career teaching was a big part of my job and I enjoyed it very much. I have recently had the opportunity to present my own personally crafted Introduction to Acrylic Painting workshop with great success. Sharing my passion for acrylic painting is very rewarding.  


Sandra Marshall 



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