Loving The Bling

As a young child I was fascinated by shining objects and when one came across my path my eyes would sparkle with excitement so it was no surprise I ended up creating Loving The Bling. 


The dream really started 10 years ago, while out grocery shopping with one of my life long girlfriends we were stopped numerous times and asked "wherever did you get your flip flops? My girlfriend looked at me and said, "it's time, go out on your own and start a business, what are you waiting for?"

tory flat 1 (2).jpg

That one statement changed my life and it all started with a pair of blinged out Swarovski Crystal flip flops.

A short time later I retired from my life long career as a Senior Executive Assistant , started doing a few weekend markets and carried my accessories in a few different local gift stores and spas, but it just didn't feel right based on the prices they were charging..... I wanted everyone to be able to afford Loving The Bling Swarovski Crystal Accessories.  In light of this, I pulled all of my accessories out of the stores and spas and ramped up the number of markets I was doing and started selling wholesale to everyone.  I now focus mainly on tradeshows, festivals, fairs and my Etsy store as well as a few local special event markets, keeping the Loving The Bling Swarovski Crystal Accessories affordable for everyone. Every crystal on every accessory is applied by myself one by one and not mass produced, of course I can't make the accessories myself I just apply the crystals to make them beautiful.


On my website there is a link to my Etsy store at the bottom of each page, as well, on Page 5 of my website there is a listing of markets where you can find me should customers want to save on shipping fees and the Etsy commission.  I'd like to thank all the customers who continue to support me in my dream, without you there would be no Loving The Bling.

Loving The Bling



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